Find a Mentor

The Find a Mentor program is designed to connect experienced attorneys with new attorneys who are pursuing advice with substantive law questions and looking for guidance in balancing the personal and professional demands of the practice of law. 


How it works

Qualified mentors sign up and may be accessed by practice area and/or location.  Detailed information about mentor volunteers is available in the tabbed section to the left.  New attorneys looking for assistance (mentees) may locate a mentor by location or area of practice.  Once found, the mentee can then initiate first contact with the potential mentor.  This self-initiated contact from mentees to potential mentors may involve a single issue, or entail a more lasting, formal mentor relationship.  The limits of the relationship are determined by the preferences of the participants. 

You must be logged in to the website (see main page for details) to view the Mentor Listings.  Mentors will be listed in the tabbed sections to the left.


Note:  The mentor attorneys have agreed to make themselves available to newly licensed Kentucky attorneys to provide advice and guidance regarding the practice of law in Kentucky when requested. Such advice and guidance regarding practicing law in Kentucky may be in the form of telephonic communications, email, in person meetings, shadowing to court, etc. The mentors have volunteered to serve as advisors for newly admitted Kentucky attorneys  to the best of their knowledge and ability and can in no way be held liable or accountable for advice and guidance given in this capacity.